Plenary Presentation Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2022

ECR Excellence Award Plenary (2021) - Aspects of seafood vulnerability to climate change (#3)

Curtis Champion 1
  1. NSW FIsheries, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Understanding the vulnerability of fished species to climate change is a priority for climate impact and adaptation research that intersects biological, economic and social spheres. Aspects of seafood vulnerability to climate change include shifts in species geographic distributions and alterations to the condition and quality (i.e. nutritional and sensory properties) of fished species. This presentation encompasses research integrating species environmental sensitives with their historical and future exposure to environmental change to assess vulnerability across coastal-pelagic and estuarine systems throughout eastern Australia. These case studies include: 1. climate-driven changes to the distribution and condition of prized coastal-pelagic fishes, and 2. impacts of environmental change on the nutritional and sensory qualities of fished estuarine species. Emerging societal implications associated with the impacts identified include altered access to fished resources, changes to the nutritional benefits that human consumers derive from seafood and shifts in seafood consumer appeal that may affect future harvesting priorities. Working towards assessments of the relativity vulnerability of fished species to climate change is crucial for prioritising the development and implementation of adaptation strategies capable of capitalising on emerging opportunities and minimising adverse impacts.