Plenary Presentation Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2022

Fish-n-Chips: supercharging fisheries science with computer vision (#1)

Rod Connolly 1
  1. Griffith University, Ashmore, QLD, Australia

The revolutionary use of automation combining computer vision and big data analytics is finally coming in to land in fisheries science! The presentation will explain opportunities and challenges that researchers and managers face in automated monitoring of fish abundance, biomass, and behaviour. Computer vision on robust and inexpensive camera systems can be particularly valuable for increasing efficiency and reliability in monitoring that is currently difficult, dangerous or prohibitively expensive. It can supercharge science. It can improve management – of wild fisheries and aquaculture. Increased automation is helping in stock assessments, and in monitoring to detect trends in the abundance and biomass of fish and benthic animals. Computer vision is also enabling more efficient monitoring of the extent and condition of fish habitat, of the presence of invasive species, and of interactions among species. New analytics are being developed as we move from the traditional scenario of having samples sizes that are often too small to be reliable, to a scenario of having far more data than fits on a hard-drive! So automation is creating new training needs and opportunities. There is a need for mentoring of graduates in statistics, for QA-QC, and for coping with embedded pseudo-replication. And always there is the imperative to sharpen our focus on outputs that inform actions.