Standard Talk (15 mins) Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2022

Queensland fisheries interactive dashboards on recreational fishing and economics (#179)

Jessica L Baker 1 , Tyson SH Martin 1 , James A Webley 2 , Tobias A Probst 2 , Rachel E Janes 1
  1. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Fisheries Queensland, Cairns, QLD, Australia
  2. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Fisheries Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Monitoring the recreational fishing sector is a significant component to the Queensland fishery to help sustain healthy fish populations for the future. State-wide surveys are conducted every 4-5 years requiring participants to record a diary of important information on fishing catch and effort over a 12-month period. Additional to state-wide surveys, boat ramp surveys are conducted across 48 ramps through-out Queensland all year-round recording catch and effort data as well as lengths of kept fish. To showcase the results from the surveys, Queensland Fisheries has a novel, interactive dashboard on the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website that presents raw data obtained from the surveys that the public can filter through. Specific data requests on different aspects of recreational fishing are commonly requested from institutions such as universities and conservation organisations for studies on impacts of fishing. Additionally, information is used by Fisheries Queensland in stock assessments. Economic and social data is collected from charter, commercial and recreational fishers to determine social and economic benefits of fishing to Queensland. The economic results are displayed on a separate interactive dashboard. Fisheries Queensland is committed to making information publicly available and is providing novel interactive dashboards presenting current information on recreational fishing.