Tim Marsden Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2022

Tim Marsden

Tim Marsden is Principal Consultant at AFPS Pty Ltd who specialise in the provision of project identification, design and implementation services for aquatic habitat rehabilitation projects. As the AFPS principal, Tim collaborates with a team of like-minded professionals to oversee the delivery of biodiversity conservation programmes throughout Australia and in SE Asia. Tim has been identifying, designing and implementing habitat related projects throughout Australia and SE Asia for over 28 years. He has overseen the successful implementation of hundreds of individual projects, from small local projects through to large state-wide programmes. He has also undertaken the on-ground activities of many projects himself thus ensuring he understands project implementation in the context of the strategic implementation of a whole biodiversity conservation program. Tim is a proven leader and has an enviable project delivery and team leadership record, delivering hundreds of complex projects on-time and to budget. These projects have been delivered in a variety of work environments, such as government policy development, state and federally funded projects, Australian consultancies, international NGO projects and international consultancies. Tim is also an innovator, leading the field of fish passage science in Australia through the development of new fish passage designs and innovative solutions to fish passage problems. These skills have been well recognised in Australia and overseas with Tim being awarded the 2015 ASCE and AFS Distinguished Project in Fisheries Engineering and Ecohydrology and the 2015 River Basin Management Society: Progression of Public Policy for Waterway Management awards.

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