Charlotte Birkmanis Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2022

Charlotte Birkmanis

Dr Charlotte Birkmanis is a shark scientist, wildlife science communicator and ‘PR Manager’ for sharks and other predators. Researching where sharks are, why they are there and how this, and their numbers, change over time (kinda like time travel) and the impact of climate change is at the core of her work. Charlotte completed her PhD in marine ecology and statistics in 2021, where she developed models to shed light on the distribution and protection of pelagic sharks in Australian waters and the adjacent high seas, both now and at the end of the century. Working towards a sustainable future, Charlotte also uses her skills and experience to support renewable energy for a sustainable blue economy. Charlotte is passionate about making science available to everyone and promotes ‘bite-sized science’ through her books, podcast and radio show, along with her work as a ‘STEM Ambassador’ with Science and Technology Australia.

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